Tips to help even the most casual concert-goer up their photo game!

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Foxy Snow

The fox, an elusive and prestigious animal. Looking very regal in the winter haze.
By adam.ab.7

if you’re hosting any Sports Party or going to one, you need these recipes to feed every type of fan!

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Summer Bikini

Almost ready for the surf & sun!
By: paja.capkova.1

House On Green Field
A house in the middle of nowhere to escape the busy city and dive into a long tranquil surroundings.
By: Hilde66

Sprinkle Smiles

Sprinkle your life with wonderful friends, positive thoughts, and continuous adventures.
By Tammy.Douglas.33

Forget about sparkles and send these passive aggressive memes to all your coworkers. They’ll love them. NOT

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Denmark Beach

Just a few months away from summer and this is one of the places I’d totally love to visit to enjoy that glassy-clear water and pristine white sand!
By Pink.Merton

Architecture Photography

A wonderful capture of the life inside dark interiors, the vibrant red colors and the movement of the subject.

By Lisa Shalom

Emo Style - 6391385

Emoqueen is not afraid to express herself through her visuals and heartfelt photographs.

Black and white photography has an amazing ability to display tones dramatically, and with our Edits features you can create stunning B&W images.

I myself am a big fan of black and white photography and lately I shoot the most from my smartphone so I’m very happy to share the lightening edits I do to my photos before applying a B&W filter with the BeFunky Mobile App.

At A Cafe Solo

Exposure Fill Light Brightness2Fill Light: brightens just the dark spaces.
Exposure: multiplies the light in your image, it’s my first option for underexposed images.
Brightness: adds luminosity to your photo’s mid-tones.

After you’ve edited the luminosity on your photo, you can try our B&W Effects and choose the perfect one for your beautiful photo.
Black and white effects

When you have a photo you’d like to give a black and white effect to, open it in BeFunky, pick one of the B&W filters, and then adjust how much of the filter you’d like to apply by simply sliding your finger left (for less) or right (for more). You can choose from these effects:
B&W Creamy:
presents a gentler hue, similar to sepia, it adds richness to your photos without much contrast.
B&W Warmer:
if there is a B&W effect that is ideal for adding summery monochromes, this is it!
the most straightforward B&W filter for your photograph.
B&W Cooler:
stronger blue tones and mild black over white spaces – for a cooler feeling.
B&W Dramatic:
just as the name says, this is a ‘dramatic’ filter. It highlights white spaces and adds stronger contrast to your B&W photos. 
Glowing B&W:
if you want a cross between B&W Dramatic and B&W with an extra touch of radiance, this is your filter.

Other Photos Edited On BeFunky Mobile Collage Maker
Beach Black White

Selective Color BW
BeFunky Pro Tip: 
Try the Paint Mode with B&W Effects to get a selective vibrant color to become the main subject of your photo. (Paint Mode Tutorial coming soon!)

Don’t be afraid to take a beautiful landscape photograph and transform it in black and white, same goes with portraits and street photography. Our BeFunky Photo Editor & Collage Maker makes it super easy for you, have fun editing!

Swing Swang

Danger and fun all together!
By polita.garcia.96

Flower Falling

Just like a scene taken out of an indie film, love the edits on this photo
By xXThisHurricaneXx

Thanks to my carefully planned schedule I was able to visit 8 Landmarks in London, in two days!

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A Dream Is A Wish

Such a sweet quote: “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes”, but how many wishes do come true? Let’s believe in magic and sweet dreams :)

By Huntinlovingirl

Summer Travel

The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea. Isak Dinesen
By Samantha801

Weekend Is Here Yes

I’m not sure where in the world these ladies are, but something is for sure, they’re thrilled!
By StephanieNauta

Here are a few reasons why “New Year’s Resolution = Never Again”

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Some people say there are way too many pictures of the sky, after seeing this one, wouldn’t you agree that there aren’t enough? Breathtaking!

By Chris Montcalmo

So Much Snow - 9084479

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.
-Albert Camus

By georgiana.chersin

Travel by car

I can’t help but wonder about all the places this little beetle has passed through.
By Rafa18

Swan Under BridgeSwan on a lake, inside of a bridge’s reflection.
By Montse Jorge

First StepsBeautiful memories capturing a baby’s child’s first steps, what a sweet experience.

By David Maya


“I win, you win.” Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?
Alyona Yudina shares this and other fascinating photo quotes with untranslatable expressions.

Perro Bello

One of the many sweet faces you’ll find on our gallery under #Pets.  Isn’t his face adorable?

By Aleqasim