Love the changing of the seasons. Summer at dusk, when it will soon become Autumn.

by adamskagosia


The monochromatic tone highlights wonderful textures on this photograph, the rustic homes and the grainy streets. I also love how the man relaxed while juggling three things at the same time: talking on the phone, riding his bike and holding a racket.

By Nnachi

Cat Yawnin

Perfect timing on this shot! Let’s celebrate Caturday… with a nap!

By Sarah.Murtagh

Eye Reflection

Open your eyes and tell me what you see!  A creative shot to showcase a reflection.

By Aaron Carlson

Just FOR YOU! The best photos to say Goodbye to Summer and to welcome the return of all things pumpkin.

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fabulous dog

There’s no question this dog is having a better day than all of us!  A perfect summery instant-framed shot.

by Caro10Vargas


This macro shot allows us to appreciate, in detail, the particularities of the bee’s wings. The sunflower’s petals act as a frame around the bee; allowing the eye to fixate on the subject of the shot.

by: CourtneyXtift

Nature Portrait

This portrait has a beautiful harmony of colors; the dark spaces contrasted with the bright green leaves and her deep blue eyes

by LuckyNumber13

Photo Of The Day:  Boat in Black in White

 Loving this monochromatic photograph with a subtle vignette.  A boat navigating on dark waters, guided by the crepuscular rays.

by RGPhotos

pink flamingos

A shot of a group of beautiful Pink Flamingos to end this week as our Photo Of The Day!

by Becky.Witter

Flying Kitty

 Another beautiful caturday photo of the day.  This kitty is ready to take off!

by MissMeg135

Summer Red Converse

A pair of red converse shoes on a dock by the water makes the perfect photo to start the weekend.

by Kristy.Kat.


This black and white photograph looks like the ending scene out of a mystery.

by k_musiclover

Adorable Mouse

Whether you’re a big fan of Ratatouille or not I’m sure you’ll be amused by this photograph, it’s one of the cutest animal portraits I’ve seen :)

by Yamaraja

Last Summer

This summer photo comes together with vintage tones of blue: the sky, the ocean and her bathing suit.

I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet, the thought of it makes me think of Emily Dickinson’s poem “A something in a summer’s Day” (122)

“So looking on — the night — the morn
Conclude the wonder gay —
And I meet, coming thro’ the dews
Another summer’s Day!”

by anna.fycika

Snail Mail

This photo shows a great deal of colors and texture.  Thanks to the close up, it’s easier to appreciate details such as the snail and the rocky surface.  Gotta love Macro Photography!

by Jenna_Jetpack


It’s very exciting to find a fun cat photo on Caturdays!  My favorite detail on this photograph are the colors, the kitty’s fur goes amazingly with the window frame and the wooden wall; the reflection on the glass adds the perfect contrast to this shot.

by: leifvidar

Love balloonsColorful balloons, the blue sky and the ocean, it can’t get better than that.  It’s an spectacular story going on today’s Photo of the Day.

To Infinity and Beyond!

by Bethany.Rozell.7


Today’s picture of the day features a well light and greatly timed portrait shot of a beautiful young girl. I enjoy the dichotomy between the adult head wrap and the child-like expression. The colors are absolutely mesmerizing.

by: SinemCakmaz

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Elena Pezzetta - Photo Of The Day

The color red usually represents strength, blood, and passion… but in this case it creates a stunning, romantic harmony between the shadows on her face and the dark green water in the background.

by Elena Pezzetta

black dog

Today is National Dog Day and of course I decided to choose an amazing doggy photograph to celebrate it!

It’s usually preferably to use a contrasting background color against your main subject, but on this photograph it actually compliments it. Besides, who could say no to that face <3

by Kinder1513

We'll always have Paris

You’d think the best photographs are always the ones with the subject facing to the camera, but sometimes the perfect photo places us behind the subject, and right in front of the Eiffel Tower :)

by: CutiePieAmy

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black and white Photo of the day

One of my favorite things about black and white photography are the details on light and textures.  My eyes fall on her dress, the pattern of the seats, the shape of the windows.  I adore black and white photographs.

by RiversAbove