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Here’s a handy dandy how-to on our newest feature in our mobile app!

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When the Kraken shows up to the party, don’t be that one person who gets eaten because you’re still editing your photo. Use BeFunky and survive the Kraken, you’ll be able to capture, edit, and share your photos in less time than it takes the Kraken to eat that annoying drunk guy.

Say hello to fauxfawn, she took time out of her day to make a video introducing you to the new and improved!!

Fauxfawn is a huge contributor to the ‘Style’ Channel and newly appointed BeFunky Ambassador, you can check out her work and follow her at and if you want to see even more, stop by her blog!!

Here’s how to fix this!!

Continue Reading... just got a pretty big update, and we’ve added some really great new features. Since our new gallery Channels are the biggest new feature, we’ll start the tour with them!

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Derric —  March 7, 2013

Mark your calendar, there is a big update coming! You had a lot to say after our last update, and we were listening.

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