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Discover how people all over the planet just like you are using BeFunky to create incredible digital artwork.

Fauxfawn is not only an amazing fashion photographer, she’s also one of our awesome ambassadors! In this interview she shares with you tons of insight on her inspiration, process, thoughts on photography, and some of pictures!

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Say hello to fauxfawn, she took time out of her day to make a video introducing you to the new and improved!!

Fauxfawn is a huge contributor to the ‘Style’ Channel and newly appointed BeFunky Ambassador, you can check out her work and follow her at and if you want to see even more, stop by her blog!!

A tutorial for great painting effects from BeFunky user haardnox.

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Have you ever seen a BeFunky photo and wondered, ‘how could someone create such a beautiful image with such a simple tool’?

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Be Funky In Your Classroom

BeFunky —  May 11, 2011

Tips and tricks from Mr E for using BeFunky in your classroom.

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Featured User: Mark Schmidt

BeFunky —  March 22, 2011

Mark’s work is focused on creating individualized artistic representations based on portraits.

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For someone who claims photography is not her passion, Eniko keeps proving the opposite.

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Erin is a fan of toy cameras. See what she has created with BeFunky’s toy camera effects.

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Growing up in a family that owned a printing/copying business, paper has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember…

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You can have the most expensive cameras, lenses and all you want, but if you don’t have creativity and an eye for photography…

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Michelle is a stay at home mom and aspiring photographer living in Atlanta, GA. Just like Peter, she grabbed our attention with her photos posted to our Facebook page.

Michelle's daughters at the garden

- I mostly photograph my daily life, which includes pictures of my girls, self portraits, and our daily activities. This includes everything from the aquarium, ballet class, interesting views from my car window, or the sunset from my deck.


- BeFunky changed taking pictures into creating artwork. It can turn an ordinary picture into magic! My friends and family are amazed at what the app can do.

Horses - Old Photo #9

- I would recommend it to anyone who has an artistic eye. It’s a great way to alter and enhance your photos. It has actually given me the encouragement to take it from a hobby to a business!

Charcoal and pop art effects

Follow Michelle on Twitter: @mreynolds71

Peter loves Facebook. At least that’s what you can conclude by taking a quick look at our BeFunky Facebook page. You see, Peter’s been flooding our page with personal photos that he’s turned into artwork using BeFunky. And his creations have inspired so many others to do the same. Read on to learn about the monster we’ve created.

Heliride - Grunge

- I take photos of what is around me and where ever I go. My daughter (Evie) is one of my sources for some wonderful pictures. I have also collections of material from where ever I have been hence the buildings, transport and animals. My source for flowers is my garden as I am a keen gardener and what better then to capture them forever.

Tulips - Pop Art

- BeFunky has given me the opportunity to transform my photos in seconds, not just to any one visual effect but to many visual effects and designs.
Storing the photos in BeFunky is great as I can retrieve and edit where ever I go.

Evie - CharcoalEvie - Holga Art#5

- I like BeFunky because it’s simple, quick and fun! I have always liked taking photos but wanted to do more with them so my motivation and fun levels using Befunky has increased. It set me photo snapping happy.

Evie - Grunge

- One thing I’d like to be added to BeFunky is the ability to re-edit text from a previous saved photo.

Railway -Speech Balloons

- I’d recommend BeFunky to everyone and anyone who wants to see more from their collections of photos. You don’t have to use Befunky just for photos. I created my England flag from using a basic drawing application and then used Befunky to get the effect I wanted. It has giving me some further ideas of what I can do with my photos which I am planning to explore in the near future.

Steam Engine - Line Artopia

Peter lives in the West Midlands which is in the heart of the UK and it is where England’s second city Birmingham is situated. He is a Project Manager, working for a global print and media organization. You can follow him on twitter: @Sparrow7777

Are you a fan of Joan Jett, one of the founders of the all-girl teenage rock band “The Runaways”? Here is someone you’re going to envy, Michael Nichols.

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Photography is Lesley’s passion, but it’s something she does mainly as a hobby. If that sounds familiar to you, see how you can take your photos to a whole new level.

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Viga uses BeFunky to enhance her self-published storybooks. It’s a lovely project between grandmother and granddaughter.

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Jim Wyborny / Dad

Baris@BeFunky —  March 13, 2010

Jim isn’t the world’s greatest artist. But one look at the stories he writes for his kids and you’d believe he was born with a paintbrush in his hand.

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John felt that the posters at the gym where he coaches boxing could use a little more punch. So he turned to BeFunky to create some knockout images.

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Stella administers a website devoted to the actor, writer, and activist Gabriel Byrne and uses BeFunky to take its image galley to a whole new level.

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For ViralPrints, BeFunky isn’t just an extra tool they use to enhance some of the merchandise they sell. It’s an instrumental part of their sales-based website.

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For Phil, BeFunky doesn’t just look good. It sounds good, too. He uses BeFunky digital effects to help promote his unique music.

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Brian believes in his kids and uses BeFunky to help make their dreams come true.

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Jose Cabrera / Teacher

Baris@BeFunky —  March 3, 2010

Everyone knows BeFunky is entertaining. But who knew it could be this educational? Jose did, actually.

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“How did you do that?” That’s the reaction Elaine gets from pretty much everyone who sees her BeFunky creations. She uses BeFunky to give a vintage look to her photos.

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Kaila, as a photographer, loves the old cameras like Holga and Lomo. She uses BeFunky to give that look to her photos.

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Tricia Wilson / Scrapbooker

Baris@BeFunky —  January 24, 2010

Tricia Wilson has been interested in crafts in some form or another all of her life, but about 2 years ago scrapbooking became her passion.

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