Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and while photographs make for great gifts, there’s something even more unique you could give your mom. How’s an oil painting of one of her favorite photos sound?

We’ve put together a quick tutorial that’ll walk you through all the steps of how to transform your photo into an oil painting with the help of BeFunky’s fabulous Photo Editor. For the record, you can use this same technique with the rest of the Artsy Effects (Watercolor, Gouache, Sketch, Impressionist, aka all those effects that turn your photo into masterpieces) as well.

Start Off With Basic Edits

Digital Oil Painting Tutorial2

Because every photo is unique, you’ll want to start off with a few simple edits to prepare your photo. Head over to the Edit panel in the Photo Editor to play around with things like exposure, crop, sharpen and more.

Here’s a couple of our favorite basic edit tools:

– Use the Vignette Tool to add a darker tone around the edges of your photo.
– Add definition to your photo with the Sharpen Tool.

Add Texture

If your photo has a flat, plain background (like this one), you can always use some Textures to liven it up.
Digital Oil Painting Tutorial5

Digital Oil Painting Tutorial8

Use Paint Mode to remove the texture from areas of the photo, like faces and other objects you don’t want the texture on.

Choose the ‘Oil Painting’ Artsy Effect

Select one of the Oil Painting tools from the Artsy section:
Digital Oil Painting Tutorial9

Adjust The Oil Painting Effect

Click on settings, adjust the brush size and opacity to your preference.When you’ve got your oil painting just right, click ‘Apply’. Don’t forget to save your work!

Digital Oil Painting Tutorial11

Now you have a beautiful, totally unique photo worthy of Mom’s fridge!


Before & After

Before After Digital Painting2