Who Got New Features? We Did!

There's no such thing as a boring photo... Only boring photo editors…

Welcome Aboard Stanley Blü!

Who is this guy? We don't really know....

…And That’s A Wrap! Weekly Wrap For 8/25-31

Here's every Photo Of The Day from 8/25-31 in one convenient place :)

New (Highly Requested) Features on BeFunky

Try Out the Clone and Straighten Tool, and Vintage Colors 1!


Masters of Artsy Effects: Ross Reitzammer (2/2)

A tutorial for great painting effects from BeFunky user haardnox.


Masters of Artsy Effects: Ross Reitzammer (1/2)

Have you ever seen a BeFunky photo and wondered, 'how could someone…

Father’s Day Gift Idea

Don't give Dad another neck tie this Father's Day. Create a unique…


New: Instant Camera Effects & Frames

Our new Instant effects will give you the look and feel of an instant…


Oil Painter Basics

Tips to get the most out of our latest mobile app, Oil Painter


500,000 People Like BeFunky on Facebook!

Our Facebook page just surpassed 500,000 (five hundred thousand)…