New: Real-time Preview Thumbs And A New Look

Now you will instantly be able to see how a photo effect will look…


Create a Unique Mother’s Day Card with BeFunky

A few tips for a mother's day card.


Featured User: Mark Schmidt

Mark's work is focused on creating individualized artistic…

Halloween goodies

Be Spooky with BeFunky

Tips for creating creepy Halloween pics.


New Photo Frames!

You asked for more frames and we created a whole new section full of…

A simple, well composed photo

Composition – How To Get It Right (Part 1/2)

Composition, the design of a photograph, is what immediately sets one…

A bunch of new Goodies

New Goodies Have Arrived

Now there are over 430 items in the Goodies library.

Horses - Oilpainting

Featured User: Enikő Szalai

For someone who claims photography is not her passion, Eniko keeps…

Kara's Portrait with Grunge Effects

Grunge – It’s Not Just a Type of Music

Is there a grunge style of photography? Not that I’m aware of, so…

Featured User: Erin Greif

Erin is a fan of toy cameras. See what she has created with BeFunky's…

Me and Kara, an old flame

Dripping Ink

You know that feeling when you begin reading a book and the…

Jana Eubank / Scrapbooker

Growing up in a family that owned a printing/copying business, paper…