Whether you need to remove the background of a photo to replace it, or simply create a pristine white background for uploading to the web, BeFunky’s Photo Editor is home to three powerful tools to help you make it happen. No background is too complicated to remove – simply choose the areas of the photo you’d like to make transparent and our photo editing tools will take care of the rest.

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Here are the best tools for the job, plus instructions on how to remove photo backgrounds with them:

3 Best Tools For Creating Transparent Backgrounds

When you’ve got a photo in mind, head to BeFunky’s Photo Editor and upload it using the Open tab at the top of the page, or simply drag-and-drop it into the interface. Depending on the type of background you’re trying to remove, you’ll find one of these three tools (all found in the Edit tab) perfect for creating a transparent background:

The Background Tool

Just like the name implies, the Background tool is perfect for editing the background of your photo. 

how to edit photo background in BeFunky

After clicking on the Background tool, you’ll see that your entire photo is transformed into a transparent (checkered) background. Don’t be alarmed, we’ll show you how to use it in Paint Mode to erase only the areas of the image you want.

transparent photo background tool

With the Transparent box still checked, click the Paint tab (next to adjust). Click the Inverse icon (the two overlapping squares) and you’ll see your original image. Then, after adjusting the Brush Size and Brush Hardness, use your mouse to paint over the background of the photo wherever you’d like it to be transparent.

how to erase the background in a photo

A few tips for using this tool: 1) the Brush Hardness refers to how sharp or soft the edges of your brush are. Decrease the Brush Hardness to paint with softer edges, or keep it turned all the way up for painting with sharp edges. 2) Use the Zoom bar at the bottom of the screen to zoom into your photo for precision. And 3) While you’re Zoomed into your image and actively painting with the Background tool, hold down the Spacebar and click-and-drag the image to move around it. When you release the Spacebar, you can continue painting with the Background tool.

how to remove photo background

When you’re finished painting on your transparent background, click the blue checkmark to apply the edits.

turn background transparent in a photo

Keep in mind that when you save your image, you’ll want to choose the .PNG option in the Save menu to keep that photo background perfectly transparent!

The Replace Color Tool

Perfect for solid colored backgrounds, the Replace Color tool will replace the background color in your image with a transparent background, all in a few clicks! 

Replace Color tool by BeFunky

After selecting it from the Edit menu, click the tile next to Source Color. In the Source Color menu that appears, click the Eyedropper tool and use it to select the background color on your photo. You’ll see that everything in that color range turns transparent.

how to erase the background in a photo

If too much of the image has become transparent, fear not! First, try turning down the Tolerance slider until only the background is transparent.

how to create transparent photo background

If that still leaves areas that are too transparent or not transparent enough, adjust the Tolerance slider so that the entire background is transparent. Then, click the Paint tab (next to Adjust) in the Replace Color menu. After adjusting the Brush Size and Brush Hardness, use your mouse to paint over the areas where you want to remove transparency.

background remover for photos

When your photo background is looking perfectly transparent, click the blue checkmark to apply the edits. Then, when you’re ready to save your image, click the Save button at the top of the Photo Editor, choose a destination, and be sure to select the .PNG option to keep that background transparent.

The Cutout Tool

The Cutout tool is perfect for cutting objects out of your photo, removing the background entirely. It’s best to use when you’ve got a busy photo background and want to isolate objects instead of painting over the entire background of the image.

Cutout Tool by BeFunky

After selecting the Cutout tool from the Edit menu, you’ll need to first determine which setting to use for easily cutting out your object. If your object is geometrically shaped, choose either the Polygonal Lasso, Circular, or Rectangular options. If your object is irregularly shaped, the Lasso or Paint options are going to be the easiest to use.

how to use the Cutout tool

After clicking the best Cutout tool option, carefully use your mouse to cut out the object. For a perfectly transparent background, you’ll want to keep the Feathering turned all the way down to zero, since more Feathering will create a soft and blended edge around your object. Once you’re finished cutting out the object, click the blue checkmark to apply the edit and watch your photo background disappear completely.

how to cut out object in photo

Like the previously mentioned tools, if there are any areas of your cutout that are checkered (aka transparent), you’ll want to choose the .PNG option from the Save menu to keep them transparent.

how to isolate object in photo

And there you have it – three easy-to-use photo editing tools for erasing backgrounds in your images! Whatever your photo background looks like, BeFunky’s Photo Editor makes it easy to transform it into a perfectly transparent background.

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Ready to try these background remover tools? We bet you are! Click the link below to get started.

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