It’s nice to be in control, it gives you the power to make everything go exactly how you want. With our Background tool, we give you unmatched control for your photo editing. You can use it to erase backgrounds, change their color and manipulate your photography like no other tool out there. But how, do you ask? Well, our Background tool uses an advanced photo-editing technique called reverse engineering, and makes it simple to use. Want to erase a drab room and isolate a bouquet of flowers? With the Background tool, you can easily trace along every leaf and petal, eliminate that boring setting and replace it with a more exciting environment. Could your background use some brightening? Breathe new life into it with a few clicks using our wide selection of colorful overlays. With our Background tool, you’ll be able to enjoy a new level of simplicity, customizability and control in your photo editing.

Bring Your Editing Skills to the Forefront

Ready to take the reins when it comes to your photography? It’s easier than you think, we promise. First, upload an image to the Befunky Photo Editor and select the Background tool from the Essentials section on the left side of your screen.

Using BeFunky's Photo Editor to edit backgrounds.

Quick Tip
The box that says Transparent will be checked automatically, making your entire background disappear. This creates a blank canvas that is ideal for making graphics, logos, watermarks and more. If you would like to keep your background, uncheck the Transparent box and reduce Fill Amount until your image reappears.

Express Yourself with Color

The Background tool lets you add vibrancy to your photos with overlays in every color of the rainbow, and then some! Add a burst of excitement with orange, keep it mellow with yellow or choose any other hue to help emphasize the mood in your photos. It’s easy to do too. Just make sure the Transparent box is unchecked, choose a Fill Color and adjust Fill Amount and Opacity until your desired effect is achieved. Then click apply.

Choosing a color overlay using BeFunky's Background tool.

Quick Tip
Use Fill Amount and Opacity in moderation. When set too high, Fill Amount will make your image a solid color. When set too low, Opacity will make your image disappear.

Make Backgrounds Vanish Before Your Eyes

Don’t like the background in your photo? Then make it disappear. With our Background tool you can erase the setting of your photo in a few easy steps. Choose the Background tool, then uncheck Transparent and slide Fill Amount and Opacity all the way down to zero. Next, select Paint from the Background tool menu, then select Reverse. Next, adjust your Brush SizeHardness and Strength using the sliding sales. When you’re ready, use your mouse to apply the Paint tool to the background of your photo. Then, when you click and drag, your background will be erased.

Using BeFunky's Photo Editor to easily erase backgrounds.

Quick Tip
If you remove too much of your background, you can use the Erase tool to reveal the parts of the photo you want to bring back.

A Complimentary Tool

The Background tool is pretty impressive on it’s own, but to get the best results, try using it with some of our other photo effects. Applying Sharpen is always helpful in ensuring your background in crisp and clear. Using a Frame is guaranteed to embolden your background. Textures will always add detail and depth. But really, every filter and effect we offer will have a unique, transformative impact on your photography. So start experimenting with your images, and push the limits of what’s possible!

Using the BeFunky Photo Editor's Sharpen tool on backgrounds.

Quick Tip
When editing, take the time to really analyze each effect and make sure it’s right for your photo before clicking Apply.

Final Results

Exercise power over your photography and make every image look exactly how you want. With the unmatched control of the Background tool, you can take the reins and create beautiful photos with ease!

Final results image from the BeFunky Photo Editor's Background tool.

Remove Backgrounds With Ease.