The Blur tool takes photo editing to a whole new level. Whether you wish to blur photos to create mesmerizing depth of field, add surreal effects or draw your audience’s attention to what matters most–this tool lets you do all it all, and more. In order to turn your photographs into masterpieces, you need to embrace the blur!

Photo Blurring that Won’t Compromise on Quality

The Blur tool is a simple yet clever photo-editing trick, which will help you blur images and create professional-looking photos in just seconds. To get started, upload your photograph to the Photo Editor. Next, go into the Edit menu and choose Blur.


Quick Tip
If you’d like to experiment with the Blur image tool, you can always select one of the three sample photos available in the Photo Editor. Play around and see what cool photo blurring effects you can create!

Adjust the Rules

Next, decide if you’d like to use Blur on your entire image, or just the parts you think need it. There are many reasons why you might want to apply our Blur tool to your entire photo. It allows you to soften your whole photo for a dreamlike effect, create a surreal aesthetic or turn your images into the ideal background for creating picture quotes and web graphics. To get started, choose Adjust from the Blur tool menu. Then, control the intensity of your photo blurring using the Amount slider.

Using BeFunkys Blur Image tool to create a photo blurring effect.

Quick Tip
The BeFunky science behind this is simple: the Blur image tool removes hard lines, softens sharp details, and mutes your images so your text or design takes center stage (and really pops!).

Paint it Your Way

The second option in the Blur tool menu is Paint, which gives you the ability to blur selected parts of your image and transform them in a number of ways. For example, you can choose which sections remain sharp and in focus, and which will fade into the background. This creates eye-catching depth of field and directs the viewer’s gaze towards the most important subject matter in your image. You can even create a miniature world by adding a tilt-­shift effect! Just choose Paint from the menu, then adjust Brush Size, Brush Hardness, and Brush Strength.

Creating a 'Photo Blur' effect with BeFunky's Photo Editor.

Quick Tip
To create depth of field, use the Blur image tool on the background or ‘furthest point’ in your image. This will draw even greater attention to your foreground. Or, apply the Blur image tool to the foreground and set your image’s subject into the middle ground.

Blur Image, Blur!

If you’re into photo blurring, you should read up on our Funky Focus tool. It lets you take the ‘blur photo’ effect to the next level with color inversion, pixelation and other funky effects you won’t find anywhere else. Or, if you go a little overboard with the blurring, bring clarity to your photos with Sharpen. Once you’re happy with your work, save your image to your computer, BeFunky, Facebook, Google Drive or Dropbox.

Customizing BeFunky's Blur Image tool to create photo blurring effects.

Quick Tip
When you save to Google Drive or Drop Box you can access your image from any device, creating a totally seamless photo-editing experience.

Final Results

Add surreal effects, create dramatic depth of field and make the most important elements of your photograph pop with the one-and-only Blur tool!

Final results image from BeFunky's Blur Image tool.

Blur Images With BeFunky