Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you will most likely see these photos EVERY DECEMBER. Many of these pics are sweet and hilarious but some are super awkward, (you be the judge!).

Pets wrapped In Christmas lights
Pets in christmas lights

Seriously, you’ll see this photo
Pets in christmas lights2

No pets, no problem! You’ll see people wrapping themselves in Christmas lights
Wrapped In Christmas Lights

The ‘I Wish It Was Snowing On Christmas’ Photo
White Christmas

People celebrating a white Christmas even though they’re in the middle of summer
Christmas Spirit

The ‘Wearing Nothing But Christmas Ornaments’ Photo
Wearing Christmas Tree

People decorating Christmas trees…
People Christmas Tree

and afterwards proudly posing in front of them
People Christmas Tree2

Kitties on trees, fighting with a tree, eating the tree…
Cat On Tree

Via Revdave

Terrified Kids sitting on Santa’s Lap
Santa Crying, holiday photos, photo editor, collage maker

You will see this photo, because, ugly sweater parties everywhere
Clown Ugly SweaterVia Loren

The ‘I’m So Ready For Christmas with Bae’ Pic
Christmas Bitches

There Will Be Reindeer Stuff
Reindeer Costume

People eating reindeer shaped stuff.
Reindeer Candy

Unimpressed Dogs wearing Reindeer Ears
Reindeer Dog

Reindeer Hair Bun, because Christmas = Reindeers
Reindeer Hairstyle

Lastly, you’ll definitively see photos of Elves, everywhere but on shelves, like this Elf
Elf On The Shelf 1

and this Elf
Elf On The Shelf 2

Oh, you will see photos of elves hiding everywhere
Elf On The Shelf 3

My job is done! Now, it’s your time to play, what Christmas photos did I miss?

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