You’ve probably heard the term “Photoshop magic” before. It’s when someone uses Photoshop to swap backgrounds, paste in new objects and create images that are unrecognizable from their original. It can produce some pretty cool results, but Photoshop magic is no simple wizardry. It takes hours of photo retouching and painstaking attention to detail. But not anymore! With BeFunky’s Cutout tool, you can create the same kind of illusions without any of the meticulous photo editing or Photoshop experience.

cutout photo tool by BeFunky

Our Cutout tool lets you can isolate objects, change backgrounds and manipulate all kinds of images in a few simple steps! Selfie game need improvement? Step it up and transport yourself from a boring bathroom to a tropical paradise. Did a friend miss out on a road trip? Add them into your photos and make them a part of the memory. Or, combine layers to create completely new images and enchant your viewers with some BeFunky magic!

How To Isolate Objects In Your Photos

When we said the Cutout tool can step up your selfie game, we weren’t kidding. Not only can you transport yourself to a tropical beach, but you can place yourself in any setting imaginable. Try making images of yourself walking on the moon, water or the highest mountain peaks. It’ll make for some pretty impressive photography, and the results will be totally believable. To get started, upload your selfie or portrait photo into the Photo Editor. Then, choose Cutout from the Essentials section of the Edit menu.

cutout photo tool by BeFunky

Next, you will want to isolate yourself from the background of your photo. To do this, choose a Shape Selection tool from the Cutout tool menu. The Lasso tool works best for freeform objects, and will probably be your best bet. Then, use your mouse to click and drag along the edges of the outline in your photo.

cutout image tool by BeFunky

Quick Tip
You can also use the Poly tool to cut out angled objects, the Circle tool for round objects, the Square tool for square shaped objects and the Paintbrush tool as a second freeform option.

If you realize that you’ve missed a spot or need to erase part of your cutout after using the Lasso tool, the Paintbrush tool comes in handy for quick cleanup! After you’ve finished with the Lasso tool and your object is isolated, simply click the Paintbrush icon, adjust your brush size, and paint over the areas of the cutout where you missed a spot. If you need to erase areas, click the Erase icon and paint over those areas.

how to cutout photo objects in beFunky

When you’ve finished outlining yourself, you can adjust the Feather amount by dragging the sliding scale. The more you increase the Feather amount, the softer the outline of your cutout will become, and the smoother your image will blend into its new background. Once you’re finished adjusting the Feather amount, click on the Export as Layer button.

how to create layers in BeFunky

Once you export your object as a layer, your edits will be final and your photo will move into the Images/Layers tab, where it will be waiting for later use.

How To Give Objects A New Photo Background

If you could go anywhere in the world (or beyond), where would it be? Perhaps you always wanted to explore the Antarctic, spend your days basking on a sunny beach, or send yourself into a galaxy far, far away. With your favorite destination in mind, click on the Images/Layers tab. If you already have an image file you want to use as your background, click the Computer button to upload it. If you’d rather use a stock photo of your favorite place, click the Search Stock Photos button to search over a million free stock photos to use as your photo background. Just type in a search term and click the images you’d like to use! 

free stock photos in BeFunky

Your stock photo selections or image upload will now appear as a thumbnail in the Images/Layers tab. Click on the thumbnail you want to use as your background and select Set As Background to make it appear on the canvas.

how to replace backgrounds in photos with BeFunky

Now, it’s time to combine your images. While you’re still in the Images/Layers tab, find the image of yourself that you exported as a layer earlier. Click on the image and select Add As Layer from the pop-up menu.

how to add yourself to new background in photo

Click and drag the image layer until it’s positioned where you’d like, and use the blue circles around the layer to adjust its size and rotation. After you’re finished perfectly placing the layer, a box labeled Image Properties will appear. If you would like to make further edits to your image, you can use it to add color overlays, change opacity, duplicate your image or alter light with the Blend Mode options.

background replacer for photos by BeFunky

We’ve only added one layer, but you can add as many layers to your photos as you’d like! To create multiple layers, try incorporating other objects. Use the Cutout tool to isolate a dog sled team and add it your Antarctic adventure. Cut out a F-47 spaceship and park it by your side for an even more otherworldly space exploration shot. Put a piña colada in your hand while you hang beachside and complete the image of paradise. The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild! Once you’re finished, click on the Flatten Layers button in the bottom left corner of the canvas to combine your various layers into one image.

how to flatten layers in BeFunky

When your layers are flattened, you can continue using other photo editing tools and add photo effects to tie everything together. Sometimes, a subtle photo filter from the Effects tab will help make your image look even more cohesive and realistic! Once you’ve got everything looking perfect, you can save your image by clicking the Save button at the top of the Photo Editor and choosing a destination.

Final Results

Using the Cutout tool is like creating a portal to a whole new world:  

how to replace photo background by BeFunky

Ready to start creating some BeFunky magic? Use the Cutout tool to isolate objects, stack layers and make realistic-looking photo manipulations easier than ever!

Photo Editing, Simplified.