OK, so you’ve mastered how to edit your pix for your Etsy store. But what about crafting the perfect header image that will reel in customers? Thanks to the new BeFunky Designer, you don’t need a graphic designs degree or even basic understanding of the oh-so frustrating Photoshop to create a beautiful, custom header. It’s easy to use, and even easier to master with this tutorial below.

1. Pick the right template.

For this tutorial, I picked an Etsy shop at random: FoxFavorites. OK, fine, I found it by searching for my favorite animal, which just so happens to be my last name. Alright, you got me! It’s actually my cousin’s shop. I know I’m biased, but her stuff is so cute, how could I not? Also, foxes!

Anyway. To pick a template, first head to the Designer Toolset. Then click ‘Social Media’ headers and then ‘Etsy.’


Since her store features more than one type of product (quilts, makeup bags, pin-cushions, etc.), I chose a header that shows off those products. So, I just clicked on Custom Birdhouses then hit ‘Select Template.’


2. Swap the images.

Here’s where it gets personal. Click on the image you want to replace, then click the ‘Replace Image’ button that appears under ‘Image Properties’ on the right. Photoshop wishes it were this straightforward!


What’s awesome about Designer is that you can edit pictures that you’ve already uploaded to the template. Just click on your picture, then click ‘Open Image in Editor’ button that appears under the ‘Image Properties’ box. When you’re ready to go back to the collage, click the itty-bitty thumbnail of your work at the bottom left of the screen.


The only editing these images needed were resizing and repositioning, so I kept it pretty simple.



For the other image, upload, edit, and repeat as necessary.

3. Fix the text.

First, click on the text. There, you can change the font and the font color. But before we get into that, I updated the name to “Fox Favorites,” so that I could see how the font looks with the text.


Turns out, I really liked Architect’s Daughter for “Fox,” but I wanted to use a font less formal for “Favorites.” Easy to change.

All I had to do was click on the dropdown of the ‘Edit Selection’ toolbar, and play around with it until I found something I liked. I went with Pacifico.

To change colors, click the ‘Color’ box that also appears on the ‘Edit Selection’ toolbar.


4. Brighten the background.

I saw that she uses a lot of aqua in her quilts, so I chose that as the background color. To do that, click the background button on the left toolbar. You can pick a ‘Color Preset,’ or do what I did and customized the hue with ‘Color Picker.’


I also changed the color of “Fox” to something more, well, foxy and “Favorites” to something bolder, and…

Ta-da! Here’s the finished product:


I love how this turned out! It almost makes me wish I had my own Etsy shop, but I’ll leave that to my crafty Fox cousin. (Yes, bad jokes run in our family.)