Getting exposure right can be a delicate balancing act. Aperture needs to let just the right amount of light in. ISO sensitivity has to be on point. Shutter speed is measured down to the fraction of a second. Coordinating each of those takes practice, patience, and quite a bit of experience. But if you don’t have time for all that, BeFunky’s Exposure Tool has easy-to-use settings that help you create perfect harmony in every photo.

Effortless Exposure

Getting started is super easy. Just upload a picture to the Photo Editor from either your computer, Facebook or BeFunky. Then choose Exposure from the Edit menu on the left.

Exposure tool by BeFunky

Quick Tip
You can choose to adjust exposure on your entire photograph, or you can use the Paint feature to only enhance exposure on selected areas. You can also adjust Brush Size, Brush Hardness, and Brush Strength to create a custom brush.

Perfect Lighting. Every Time.

You just began, and you’re already almost done! For the next step, adjust Brightness and Contrast. Brightness lets you adjust the shadows and highlights in your photo equally, helping to keep lighting well adjusted. Contrast gives you the ability to increase the difference between the brightest and darkest areas of your photo.

Exposure tool in BeFunky's Photo Editor

Quick Tip
To really make an impression on your audience, turn contrast higher. The greater the difference between highlights and shadows, the more your images pop!

Set the Mood

For the final step, you have the option to tweak Highlights, Shadows, and Fill Light. This step is super easy, but it can have a big impact on the overall look of your image. Just use the sliding scales and adjust. For good measure, we also recommend using Auto Enhance to instantly enhance all aspects of your photo. When you’re satisfied, click the check mark to apply, then save your image to where is most convenient.

Adding exposure with BeFunky Photo Editor

Quick Tip
Turning up highlights makes the brights in your photo even brighter. Increasing shadow strength will make the darks of your photo darker still. And adding fill light enhances detail in even the deepest and darkest areas of your image.

Final Results

Exposure tool by BeFunky

If you’re still hanging in the balance, give our Exposure Tool a try! We promise it will help bring a new level of enlightenment to your photo editing process.

Photo Editing, Simplified.