What do you get someone who has given you everything? That’s how many of us feel every time we get close to Mother’s Day, and as cliché as it sounds, a beautiful card with sweet words sometimes is the best gift to let your Mom know how special she is to you.

We made it super easy for you to create a lovely card for your Mom, all you need is a beautiful photo of the both of you. Choose one of our Mother’s Day Cards Templates from our Collage Maker and with some personal touches, you can create a beautiful Mother’s Day Card worthy of her fridge!

Mother Day Card Tutorial

1- Open The Collage Maker
Mothers Day Card 2


2- Choose Your Greeting Card
Mothers Day Card 3


3- Upload Your Photo
Mothers Day Card 4


4- Add Your Special Message With Our Text Tool
Mothers Day Card 5

BeFunky Pro Tip: Hold Shift when resizing your text to keep it straight.


5- Add A Pattern To Bind Your Colors & Composition
Mothers Day Card 6


6- Lastly, Select From The Tons Of Hand-Dran Mother’s Day Graphics!
Mothers Day Card 8

BeFunky Pro Tip: You can copy and paste the color code to choose the EXACT color, on the Color Picker.

7- Once you’re done creating your card, save it… and don’t forget to give it to your mom!
Mothers Day Card 9


Now You Can Create Your Own
Mother’s Day Card!

Create A Mother's Day Card!