It’s two weeks into 2015 and it’s safe to say I’ve given the ole “New year, new me” thing a try. And, lets just say it didn’t quite work out. Here are a few reasons why:

Because I Have Zero Self Control

No Self Control

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Because, You Don’t Want To See Me With Low Blood Sugar

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Because, If I Make It To The Gym This Happens

Because, This Is My Reaction To Salad

Looking back up at porn after you’ve finished..

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Because, This Is My Idea Of A Sensible Outfit


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Because, This is How I Feel About Fruit

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Because, This Is Me at A Buffet Table

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Because, I’m always like “Just one piece.”


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and in the end because…

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I mean a whole year is a really hard thing to stick to. Maybe I’ll try again next year… maybe.