Just when you thought the festivities were over, New Year’s Eve graces us with even more fun! From rockin’ parties to the excitement that a new beginning brings, it certainly is a magical time.

We all know the best way to welcome the New Year is by surrounding yourself with your loved ones, not to mention delicious food, overflowing glasses, and a dance-worthy playlist. If you want your New Year’s Eve party to be one that’s talked about all year (for the right reasons, of course), then you’ll want to start planning it now!

how to throw a new years eve party

To spread the word about your must-attend soiree, you’ll need to create your party invitations to get them into your guests’ hands ASAP. We know what you’re thinking though: isn’t the holiday season already hectic enough? I haven’t got time for that! 

The good news is that BeFunky’s Designer has a selection of free, pre-made invitation templates that can be tweaked within just minutes. So, you can have your invitations designed and sent to your loved ones today. Now that’s one way to get the party started!

Choosing A New Year’s Eve Party Theme

If you want to go one step above with your New Year’s soiree, you should definitely consider theming your party. After all, why attend the same old night over and over again each year, when you can make it one you’ll never forget! Here are some of our favorite New Year’s Eve party themes: 

Past Decade

As the host, simply choose your favorite decade as the theme of the party. Guests must then dress accordingly, so be sure to select an era which is overflowing with particular dress themes, trends, or celebrities they can channel (like the 80s, for example). You can also base your party’s decorations, music, food, and drink (if you’re brave) around your chosen decade, resulting in a soiree that truly transports everyone back in time.

Colored Chalk

You’ve probably heard of popular events such as the Festival of Colors and Color Run, so why not bring the colored chalk fun to your very own NYE bash? Not only can you embrace decorations, food, and beverages in every shade of the rainbow, but it’s also incredibly easy to build that much-needed momentum for the midnight countdown.

colorful new years eve party theme

Request that everyone dresses head-to-toe in white, ready to be covered in colored chalk dust as soon as the clock strikes twelve. Cue the most fun and artistic dance party you’ve ever experienced (not to mention a New Year celebration you’ll never forget)!

Black & White

This classic party theme sounds simple enough at first, but we assure you there’s a fun twist to mark the beginning of 2018. You should keep your décor to the minimal color scheme, along with requesting that guests dress only in black and / or white. Then, as soon as you all begin counting down to midnight, everyone is armed with colorful confetti, streamers, balloons, or anything else that screams ‘celebration’. Once the countdown is over, the party will suddenly be filled with color to welcome the New Year. Just think of the amazing before and after photos you’ll be able to capture!  

Best Of 2017

Let’s face it, 2017 was a rollercoaster of a year. From quirky celeb moments, to major milestones, and all the madness in-between, it’s still been 12 months worth celebrating.

new years meme by BeFunky

Theme your party around the year that was by focusing on these events and asking guests to dress-up accordingly. Think of trending hashtags, celebrities (or internet personalities) who stole the show, or hilarious memes that went viral. You could even do a 2017 pop quiz offering some cool prizes!

Masquerade Ball

It’s an old one, but a good one. Whether you embrace the masquerade ball of Romeo and Juliet, or opt for something a little more Gossip Girl, just don’t forget to put your own unique spin on it! Everyone loves having an excuse to glam-up and New Year’s Eve is the perfect occasion to do so.

masquerade ball new years eve party theme

Who wouldn’t want to welcome 2018 in such a fancy and fun way?

Creating A NYE Invite That Excites Your Guests

Once you’ve decided on a theme for your soirèe, it’s time to head over to the Designer and begin designing your invitation. To start, navigate to Templates, followed by Event Graphics, and Invitations. From here, select your desired party invitation layout to begin customizing it!

customizable invitation templates in BeFunky

The first step is to replace your template’s background image with one that perfectly complements your party’s theme. You can do so by navigating to the Image Manager tab at the top of the main menu. Once there, you can upload an image from multiple destinations, such as your computer, Befunky, Facebook, or even Pixabay’s extensive library of free-to-use stock photos, providing over one million images at your fingertips!

free new years eve invitation templates in BeFunky

Pro Tip
Want a plain colored background instead of an image? Simply locate Background in the left-hand menu and choose your desired color by selecting a Color Preset or through using the Color Picker tool.

With your chosen background in place, it’s time to delete or rearrange any elements on your template, ready to make it easier for the text stage! To do this, click on the element (i.e. graphic) you wish to delete, and a Graphic Properties toolbar appears. Just select Delete to get rid of it. Want to rearrange it instead? Use your mouse to drag it into its new position.

diy new years party invitation in BeFunky

Now it’s time to perfect the text on your invitation so guests will know all of the important details about your upcoming party! When you click on any text box, you’ll find that a Text Properties toolbar appears, where you can change elements such as Font Family, Font Size, Spacing, Paragraph, Color, and more. You can also change what the text says by clicking on the text box and typing.

customizable invitation templates by BeFunky

Additionally, you can add-in extra text by selecting the Text tab (the ‘T’ symbol) in the menu on the left. You can then click on this text and begin typing to alter it.

Once your text is complete, it’s time to insert any additional elements such as shapes, lines, symbols, overlays, and more to add that extra wow-factor to your NYE party invitation. You’ll find these located in the Design Elements tab (the triangle symbol) in the left menu.

diy New Years Party ideas

Want to change the color of any individual design element? Just click on the element you wish to modify and a Graphic Properties toolbar appears. Clicking on Color Overlay will bring up the Color Picker option, which lets you select a new color for your graphic. You can then change the Intensity of the color using the slider at the bottom.

Once you’re completely happy with your New Year’s Eve party invitation design, it’s time to save it so you can soon send it off to your guests! Clicking Save in the top menu will let you save your design to a destination such as your computer or Dropbox. We also recommend the Save as Project option, as this will allow you to come back and edit your invitation in the future should you need to (for example, to fix any pesky typos or print extra copies!).

new years eve party invitations by BeFunky

With your invitation from BeFunky’s Designer looking fab, you can now turn your attention to shopping for the perfect party decor, throwing together your playlist, and most importantly, getting those invites out the door!

how to host nye party

Remember, the clock is ticking, so it’s time to make sure your New Year’s Eve soirèe sizzles, rather than fizzles. Let’s kick-off 2018 in the best possible way!

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