Introducing BeFunky’s NEW Paint Brush Tool

You’ve been asking for it, and now it’s finally here. We’re proud to announce the highly anticipated Paint Brush tool has arrived! We know you’re eager to try it out, but before you do, find out how to get the most out of the Paint Brush tool with a quick Painting 101 course from BeFunky.

Simplicity You’re Used To

Getting started is as easy as it gets. Just go into BeFunky’s Photo Editor and select Touch Up from the menu on the left (it’s the third icon down). Then choose the Paint Brush tool, which you’ll find under the Miscellaneous category.

paint brush tool by BeFunky

Quick Tip
The Paint Brush tool offers fun and easy ways to alter your photos. Keep it basic and fine-tune those MS Paint skills, or add depth with our blend modes.

The Perfect Brush For Every Project

Now, it’s time to get your hands dirty with our Paint Brush options. First choose a color using our Color Picker. Then use the sliding scale to adjust Brush Strength, Brush Size and Brush Hardness.

Quick Tip
The lower the Brush Strength, the more opaque your Paint Brush strokes will be. Try using different levels of Brush Strength in your photos for variety. Brush Hardness determines the definition of your Paint Brush strokes. Try increasing hardness levels to make big, bold statements.

More Than Just A Paint Brush

Using your mouse (or trackpad), click and drag over the area you want to paint. When you’re finished painting, select your Blend Mode.

Blend Modes combine your paint layer with your image layer to create interesting effects. To try it out, just click the drop down bar under Blend Mode on the Paint Brush menu. Scroll through the options, and choose one that compliments your photo.

BeFunky's paint brush tool for retouching

Quick Tip
Each Blend Mode will alter your image differently. For example, Add will combine the two layers evenly, giving the appearance of an opaque top layer. Multiply gets more interesting by combining pixels in each layer using different combinations. Try out the different Blend Modes to see which work best for your image.

Finishing Touches

The Paint Brush tool is both easy-to-use and versatile, you can use it for retouching areas of your photos, drawing, doodling, and so much more!

retouch photos with BeFunky's paint brush tool

Now that you’ve seen BeFunky‘s NEW Paint Brush tool in action, it’s time for you to try it on one of your photos!

Retouch Your Photos With Ease