Whether you’re trying to drive more traffic to your blog or business website, it’s no secret that Pinterest is a huge resource. There are currently over 175 million people actively using Pinterest for ideas and inspiration, and 87% of those people have actually purchased products based on Pins. If that’s not enough to stress the importance of Pinterest, read this case study of one blogger who grew her traffic by 400% in just one year, all from Pinterest (and a little help from BeFunky!). That tells us all that Pinterest is a traffic goldmine, and it’s more important than ever to get your Pins and Boards looking their best.

We’ve talked about the importance of establishing a consistent brand identity before, and the same rules apply for your Pinterest presence. In addition to creating branded Pins, one of the best ways to showcase your brand on Pinterest is to create custom covers for all of your Boards. Not only will your main page look more organized, designing Pinterest Board covers with your brand’s color palette and unique fonts will make you look ultra-professional.

branded pinterest board covers

If you don’t know the first thing about Pinterest Board cover design, fear not. BeFunky’s Design Templates are not only perfectly sized for Pinterest Board covers, they’re already pre-designed and easy to customize in just a few clicks. We’ll show you how to design them in minutes and optimize your workflow so it doesn’t take you a century to design them for multiple boards. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Choose Your Favorite Square Template

If you’re not there already, head to BeFunky’s Designer and navigate to Social Media Graphics in the Templates tab. Since Pinterest Board Covers are square, you’ll need a square template, which can be found in the Facebook category.

free pinterest board cover templates in BeFunky

Note that these templates already include photos and text that can be customized. If you’d rather have a solid colored background with text added, click the Blank Templates category, followed by Social Media, then select Facebook Graphic. This will give you a blank square template to start designing with.

Step 2: Customize The Background Or Existing Photo

If you’ve chosen the blank square template, changing the background color is super easy! Just click on the Customize tab and select one of the color presets, or click on the first color tile to use the Color Picker for selecting a new hue. If you’ve got a super specific color in mind, there is a field within the Color Picker to type in the HEX Color Code.

how to design custom pinterest covers in BeFunky

For photo backgrounds, there are a few ways to customize. If you have a specific photo in mind, either drag-and-drop it right into the template from your Computer, or upload it in the Images/Layers tab. Once the thumbnail appears, you can simply drag and hover it over the existing image until it turns opaque, then drop to replace it.

how to design pinterest board covers in BeFunky

There’s also the option to search over a million free stock photos to use in your Pinterest Board Cover design, right from within BeFunky’s Designer! Just click the ‘’ button next to Computer in the Images/Layers Tab, then type in your search query. Click on any photos you like and they’ll be automatically added as thumbnails in the Images/Layers tab for you to use.

free stock photos to use in BeFunky projects

Clicking on your image within the template will bring up an Image Properties toolbar that you can use to customize the Color Overlay, Opacity, Tint, or even choose to open the image in BeFunky’s Photo Editor for streamlined editing.

Step 3: Add Graphics

If you want to add a graphic to your Pinterest Board Cover design, we’ve got you covered! Click on the Graphics tab (the heart icon) in the menu on the left and search a vast library of totally customizable graphics. When you find one you like, click on it and it’ll be added right into your template.

free design templates for Pinterest in BeFunky

You can resize graphics by using the blue circles around it, or use the Graphic Properties toolbar to customize the Color, Tint, Opacity, and more! For this Pinterest Board Cover, we’ve chosen a Square from the Shapes category, then resized it into a rectangle. Hold the Shift key while you’re dragging the blue circles to resize in freeform mode, meaning you can turn a circle into an oval, and in this case, a square into a rectangle.

Step 4: Add Text

Now that you’ve got the background looking just right, it’s time to add the text that states what your Pinterest Board is all about. If there are existing textboxes within your template, you can click on them to edit what they say. Type your new messaging and use the Text Properties toolbar that appears to change the font, typographical emphasis, letter spacing, and more! Alternatively, you can navigate to the Text tab in the menu on the left and click the Add Text button for adding a new textbox. 

custom pinterest board cover designs by BeFunky

If you have a font that’s central to your branding and you’d like to use it, you can use the Font Search bar to find any fonts saved on your Computer, or easily add them to the list by dragging-and-dropping the font file right into the Designer interface. Keeping your font and colors consistent with your established branding is key, and we’re happy to provide all the tools to create the way you need to.

Step 5: Save As A Project

Once your first Pinterest Board Cover is looking perfect, it’s crucial to save your template as a project so you can use it as a template for future board designs. After saving your final design to your Computer for uploading to Pinterest later, click the Save tab at the top of the Designer again and select Save As Project. This will allow you to save your design to your Computer or BeFunky account as a .BFD file, which means it will be in editable format.

how to save as project in BeFunky

This way all the design work is already done, and you can re-upload your template any time you want to start designing new covers with all the same design properties. If you’ve saved your project to your BeFunky account, just click the Open tab at the top of the Designer before selecting BeFunky and your project with reload whenever you want. If you’ve saved the project as a .BFD file on your Computer, simply drag-and-drop that file into the Designer interface to keep working on it. So simple!

Step 6: Upload Your New Pinterest Board Covers

When you have all of your Pinterest Board Covers designed and ready to go, it’s time to upload them to Pinterest. Click the + button at the top of your Pinterest page to upload a new Pin, then upload your first Board Cover and save it to that specific Board. Repeat for every single Pinterest board on your page.

how to change the board cover on Pinterest

To turn your newly uploaded Pins into Board Covers, navigate to the Boards tab of your Pinterest page. One by one, click the little pencil that appears when you hover over a Board to edit it, then click the Change button next to Cover. Select the image you want to use as the Board Cover and save your changes.

how to make custom pinterest board covers

Voila! Now your Pinterest page will look absolutely professional, reflecting the brand you’ve established. Now all you have to do is keep up with designing Pins that go viral and watch that traffic soar!

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