If you take your photography seriously, we’ve got plenty of effects that will help you deliver picture-perfect photos. But, we also believe photo editing should be a little silly sometimes! That’s why we’ve created the Reshape tool. It lets you distort your photos and reshape the rules of reality. Use it to exaggerate the size of your eyeballs and transform into a human fly. Try shrinking facial features and turn yourself into a real-life caricature. Or, use it to retouch your photos and put your features in perfect proportions. With our Reshape tool, there’s plenty of ways to bend the rules of reality and have fun with your photography!

The Most Fun You’ll Have Editing Photos

The Reshape tool will help you create a variety of ‘warp photo’ effects, but it’s also great for retouching. To get started, upload an image to the Photo Editor. Next, select Touch Up from the menu to the left and click on Reshape.

How to use BeFunky's Reshape tool to retouch photos.

Quick Tip
The Reshape tool is under the Miscellaneous category, which is at the bottom of the Touch Up menu. So be sure to scroll all the way down to find it!

Smudge the Lines of Reality

Want to stretch the limits of reality? Than Smudge is the photo retouching effect for you. You can use it to pull and stretch objects in any direction, and add a little fun to your photos. It’s also great for adding some volume to your hairdo! If you’d like to stretch objects in your photo, then select the first icon on the Reshape tool menu, Smudge. Next, adjust Pressure to alter the intensity of the effect and Brush Size to change the surface area the tool will cover. When you’re ready, hover your mouse over the area of your photo you want to edit. Then, click and drag in any direction.

Customizing the Reshape tool on BeFunky's Photo Editor.

Quick Tip
If you overdo the Smudge effect, you can always undo your work by clicking the Erase icon in the top left corner of your Reshape tool menu.

Exaggerate with Unique Effects

Maybe you’d prefer to warp reality by blowing objects out of their everyday proportions, or simply plumping up your lips. To achieve this effect, you’ll select Grow from the Reshape tool menu. Next, use the sliding scales to adjust Pressure and Brush Size. When your Reshape tool is dialed in, just hover your mouse over the area of your photo you want to edit, then click and hold the mouse button. When you do, that part of your photo will begin to grow.

Photo retouching with BeFunky's Reshape tool.

Quick Tip
Turning up Pressure will increase the speed at which objects in your photo will grow or shrink. When Pressure is set high, be careful not to hold your mouse button down too long!

Shrink Objects and Add Intrigue

The final effect you can achieve with the Reshape tool is Shrink. This one is pretty self-explanatory. It will give you the ability to isolate objects in your photos and decrease their size to create a ‘warp photo’ effect when you retouch photos. It’s a great way to shrink undesirable features, lose the details and lose touch with reality (in your pics anyways). Once again, you will adjust Pressure and Brush Size. Next, move your mouse over the part of your photo you’d like to shrink. Click and hold down your mouse button, and watch as that area of your image become smaller and smaller.

Retouch photos with the BeFunky Photo Editor's Reshape tool.

Quick Tip
Over shrinking objects can cause a funnel effect, and make it appear as if your image is being sucked into a black hole. Use this one with caution!

Let the Good Times Roll

Once you’re finished smudging, growing and shrinking your photo, click Apply. But don’t stop there! Combine it with some of our Artsy effects to recreate a Salvador Dali aesthetic. Or, read up on our Funky Focus tool and learn how to invert colors, create pixelated blurs and other unique effects that alter reality.

Creating a 'warp photo' effect with BeFunky's Reshape tool.

Quick Tip
At BeFunky, we offer hundreds of premium photo-editing effects that you can combine to create an unlimited number of totally unique images. Be sure to try them all!

Final Results

Feeling a little light-hearted? Have some fun distorting reality while you retouch photos with the seriously fun Reshape tool!

Final results using BeFunky's Reshape tool for photo retouching.

Photo Retouching, Simplified.