One of the most incredible things about photography is the ability to capture a feeling.  Here are some photos that capture the beauty of love that even the most cynical person can appreciate.

“Pausing for Affection” – Tel Aviv, Israel

“Ginger Love” – Rome, Italy
_MG_9690 [1600x1200]

“Kissing for the Cameras” – Rome, Italy

“Love and Gold Confetti” – Rome, Italy

“Colorful Hearts” – Rome, Italy
_MG_1825 [1600x1200]

“When Nobody is Looking” – Rome, Italy
_MG_969925 [1600x1200]

As you see, there’s beauty in everything, even on PDA 😉  The next time you witness love in public, embrace the essence and flowing emotions. For even more inspiration, visit BeFunky’s #Love Channel.