Today is St. Patrick’s Day and so many are celebrating this day by either wearing green, cooking green food or drinking green beverages, and I’m not talking about kale smoothies!

I was reading about the reasons why people wear green on St. Paddy’s day; so many! The shamrock, the Irish flag, the Emerald Island nickname, and many other.  Apparently the color for this holiday used to be blue and trust me, I love blue, but there’s something about green, about all the inspiring, hippie-earth-loving, nature color tones, and of course I love green, after all, I was born and raised in a tropical country in which the rainforest spills with all sort of green hues. It makes you fall in love with the color over and over again.

It also makes you want to…

1. Jump Of Happiness
Green Celebration

2. Stare At It For Hours
Green Eyes

3. Do Magic
Green Fairy

4. Change Your Hairstyle
Green Hairstyle

5. Hold Onto It

6. Fall In Love
Green Love

7. Escape
Green Nature

8. Eat It
Green Peppers

9. Become Sailor Jupiter
sailor jupiter

10. Find It Everywhere
Macro Green

Nail Art

12. Do Silly Things
St Paddy doggie

13. Daydream Of Spring
Vintage Green

Do you love the color green? Do you really believe a shamrock brings you good luck?  Whether you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or not, we can all embrace this holiday’s liveness and pretend we are Irish, if for only one day.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!