We hope you’re enjoying this Summer! Capture all those fun moments while enjoying the gorgeous weather and add all the cool touches when BeFunky-ing them with our Photo Editor and Collage Maker!

We’ve thought up a summery-bucket list of activities that you have to capture before the Summer ends:  

Towable Tube1. Tubing!

Dancing on Water2. Practicing glamorous dancing moves at the beach

Kid playing Water Fountain3. Getting wet around a water fountain

Banana Boat4. Riding a banana boat with your friends

Beach Bonfire5. Camping and having a bonfire!

Biking6. Riding bikes with your friends

Blow Bubbles7. Blowing bubbles

Blow on a Dandelion to make a wish8. Making wishes with dandelions

9. Lying in a hammock

Human Tower10. Doing a human tower with your friends

Sand Writing11. Sand-Writing all the sweet words!

Playing Hopscotch12. Playing hopscotch!

Run with Balloons13. Running nowhere with balloons

Walk Float with Balloons14. Floating with balloons, because come on, balloons!

Silhouette at the beach15. Holding shaped objects for a Silhouette shot

Snorkeling and kissing random bug16. Snorkeling and kissing random ocean creatures

Wearing Diving Gear17. Posing with your funky gear before you jump into the water

Looking Fabulous on the sand18. And of course, being fabulous!

Let us know in the comments which ones you’ve done already!

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