Perfect weather, iconic treats, and endless outdoor adventures – Summertime lends itself to so many fantastic photo opportunities! For most of us, Summer commences with the act of putting down the textbooks and rounding up friends for an adventure. Soak up every moment of these next three months and grab your camera to document this season’s most picturesque captures. Here’s a list of the most double-tap-worthy photo ops this season:

Epic Sunrises

Most Summertime mornings begin with a splash of color. If you’ve got the dedication to get out of bed early enough, you might be able to snap some of this goodness!


Toes in the Sand

Tis’ the season for kicking off your shoes and feeling the sand in between your toes. Snap that! Bonus points if your photo includes baby turtles.


Golden Hour Shots

Shortly after the sun rises or before the sun goes down, a natural phenomenon happens. The light becomes absolutely rich and golden – hence the term “golden hour”. Any picture captured in this time frame is usually a great one, so pay attention to the light and your watch!


Refreshing Drinks

There’s nothing like an ice cold drink on these hot days, and Summertime beverage menus are the best! Cocktails and mocktails are vibrant during this season and too pretty not to snap a pic.

fancy drink

Cliff Jumps

There’s nothing like jumping into an inviting body of water on a hot day. Cliffs that surround rivers and lakes are laden with thrill-seekers who want to take a refreshing dip. Obviously, before you attempt this shot make sure it’s a safe jump 😉



In the Summertime, you belong among the wildflowers. They’re in full bloom and the most vibrant they’ll get before next year! Bonus points if you make a flower crown out of them and take a cute selfie.



Ice Cream

One of the most iconic treats of Summer. Everyone loves a good ice cream cone (unless you’re lactose intolerant..). Hold up your cone in front of a beautiful backdrop for a crave-worthy shot.



Summertime means s’mores and you can’t have one of those without a big ol’ bonfire. Bonus points if your friends are singing Kumbaya while you snap the pic!


String Lights

With the weather being so nice, there are bound to be endless outdoor social events like dinner parties, weddings, and picnics. String lights make a frequent appearance in these types of events, and they make such a beautiful ambiance. Capture it!


Surf Shots

As soon as Summertime rolls around, the beaches fill up with the local talent. Surf shots are ideal this season. Not only can you capture some talented surfers, but the waves display a beautiful array of colors as well.




Most Summer days end with an epic sunset. The best thing is that no two sunsets are the same! The colors are vibrant and vary from day to day. Plus, sunsets have a way of highlighting the most magnificent silhouettes.



Grab your camera and let the Summertime fun begin!

Photo Editing, Simplified.