We’re so thrilled to welcome you to BeFunky Plus! Now that you have all the tools you could ever need for photo editing, collage making, and graphic design, you’ll be unstoppable in your creative projects.

In addition to having access to the most powerful tools for your projects, your BeFunky Plus account gives you way more freedom and control in your creative workflow. The best part about using BeFunky’s Photo Editor, Graphic Designer, and Collage Maker as a Plus member is that the three platforms are now seamless – you’ll easily be able to toggle between the Photo Editor, Graphic Designer, and Collage Maker at any point in your creative process. That also means being able to access the Photo Editor to apply edits to a photo from within your collage in the Collage Maker or design in the Designer – all without ever interrupting your flow. 

Watch this quick video to see how BeFunky’s Creative Platform is designed to help you create anything you can imagine, all with your workflow in mind:

As you can see, it’s a whole new level of creativity with your BeFunky Plus account, and we want to take the time to show you everything that’s now in your power! Here are some can’t-miss tools and features in the Photo Editor, Graphic Designer, and Collage Maker:

Photo Editor

From the ability to edit hundreds of photos at once with Batch Processing to powerful tools for retouching portrait photography, turning photos to art, and everything in between, you’ve unlocked a treasure trove of photo editing magic! Here’s a quick overview of some of our favorite tools and features that your BeFunky Plus account has earned you:

Remove Objects From Your Photos

Photobombs have happened to the best of us, but they don’t have to ruin your photos anymore. With your BeFunky Plus account, you now have the power to remove unwanted objects from your photos with the Clone tool, whether it’s a small object or an entire crowd of people in the background.

For those times when you want to remove an object from one photo and place it into another photo, the Cutout tool will help you get the job done. Just like a pair of scissors, you can use it to digitally cut out objects and store them as layers in the Image Manager tab to place onto other photos. From simple face swaps to adding in a friend that was missing from a group photo, the Cutout tool is photo manipulation at its finest!

how to cut objects out of photoshow to replace background in photos

Turn Backgrounds Transparent

Whether you’re wanting to erase the background of a photo for product photography, logos, or other object isolation needs, there are three handy tools to help you get the job done. For backgrounds that are already solid-colored, the Replace Color tool will let you replace the background color with a transparent background, all in a single click. For busier backgrounds, try the Background tool for painting transparent backgrounds where you need it, or the Cutout tool for cutting out the object you’re wanting to isolate while erasing the background completely.

Edit Hundreds of Photos At Once

Get ready to seriously improve your photo editing workflow with the Batch Processing tool. By clicking the Batch button at the top of the Photo Editor, you can upload hundreds of images to edit all at the same time! From cropping photos and resizing images in bulk to applying your favorite effects and photo filters, Batch Processing will save you loads of time.

batch processing photo editing

Now that you’ve got BeFunky Plus, you’ll never have to edit photos one-by-one again. That is, unless you want to!

Turn Photos To Art In A Single Click

The Artsy tab in the main menu on the left (the icon with four circles) is a powerhouse of effects that will turn your photos to art, whether you’ve got actual artistic abilities or not! Turn photos to cartoons, watercolor, oil paintings, sketches, and so much more, all in a single click.

woman with hatdigital art effects by BeFunky Photo Editor

Get Flawless Portraits, Every Time

The Touch Up tools tab in the main menu on the left (the eyeball icon) gives you access to the entire library of tools for retouching photos. Whether you want to remove blemishes and wrinkles, whiten teeth, achieve super smooth skin, or add digital makeup, you’ve got all the tools you need and then some.

Harness The Power Of Light

Even on the dreariest of days, you can now add realistic-looking Lens Flare effects to your images! They’ll help you create a sun-drenched look in your photography, add drama and intrigue, and essentially help you mimic the look of light bouncing off your camera lens – no fancy camera required.

lens flare effects by befunky

And if you’ve ever been disappointed in your camera’s ability to capture light in your nighttime photography or the way light bounces off of shiny objects (like jewelry!), the Glow tool is perfect for those situations! Use it to add drama to the light sources in your photos like magic, all with a few simple slider adjustments.  

Graphic Designer

You had a little bit of creative freedom with your free BeFunky account, but with your Plus account you have it all! The Graphic Designer is your go-to for creating all the graphics and design assets you could ever need, no actual design experience required. Whether you use it for your website, business, blogging, or beyond, the Graphic Designer has everything you need to get creative. Here are some of our favorite features:

All The Professionally Designed Templates You Could Want

From social media assets to blog imagery, infographics, and invitations, there’s a template for every design need in our Graphic Designer. The best thing about our templates is that they’re pre-designed by professional graphic designers and easy to customize in just a few clicks.

free graphic design templates in BeFunky

You now have access to the entire library of design templates, so you have full creative control over your design assets! And we’re constantly rolling out new templates, so there will always be something fresh to inspire your creativity.

Create Your Own Custom Templates

Whenever you need a specific size for a graphic design, you can now create your very own customizable templates to use one time, or over and over again! By clicking the Custom Template button in the Templates tab, you can set your Width and Height proportions to create a perfectly sized template to create designs on.

custom templates in BeFunky Graphic Designer

Want to save your custom template to use again? Just click the Save As Project option in the Save menu to save it in an editable format. That way, you can reload your custom design template and use it as a guide for future designs and revisions.

Edit Photos As You Design

To make your workflow even more seamless, you’ll now be able to click on any photo in your design and use the Image Properties menu to Open Image In Editor. You’ll be redirected to the Photo Editor to edit your image with every single tool and feature we’ve got!

BeFunky Plus Photo Editor

When you’re finished editing, you can click the image thumbnail to navigate back to the Designer with all of your photo edits in tow. This way, you’ll never have to interrupt your design process again!

Hundreds Of Customizable Graphics

We’ve added hundreds of customizable vector graphics for you to use in your projects, whether you’re in the Designer, Photo Editor, or Collage Maker! Just click the Design Elements tab (also called the Graphics tab in the Photo Editor and Collage Maker) to search the graphics and find the perfect ones for your project.

Each graphic you select will be automatically added to Your Graphics, accessible from within any part of the platform you’re in.

Collage Maker

With your BeFunky Plus account, making photo collages, Pinterest pins, and moodboards is easier than ever! Here are some intuitive collage making tools, layouts, and features you’ve got in your power:

Perfect, High Resolution Collages With Collage Wizard

The Collage Maker has tons of beautiful collage template options that you can access in the Layouts tab, but there’s something even more helpful for your collage creations: Collage Wizard. Clicking the Collage Wizard button at the top of the Layouts tab will let you choose all the photos you want from your Image Manager, and will then generate endless collage layout possibilities for you!

Collage Wizard by BeFunky

The best part about Collage Wizard is that each layout is high-resolution and won’t crop a single pixel from your photos. You’ll have more picture-perfect collages than ever!

Edit Photos As You Create Collages  

When you click on any photo in your Collage, you can use the Image Properties menu to click Open Image In Editor and access every photo editing tool and feature available in our Photo Editor. When you’re finished editing, just click the image thumbnail to navigate back to your collage with your edits in tow!

Collage Maker By BeFunky

Once your photo has been edited, it’ll also be automatically saved to the Image Manager tab for quick access in the future. That way, you’ll never lose your hard work.

Endless Creative Freedom

These are just a few of SO MANY tools and features you’ve got as a BeFunky Plus member, and the coolest thing is that we’re always at work developing new things to make your workflow easier and creativity soar. We’ve also got a wealth of inspiration and resources for you in the Tutorials section of our blog, and we’re dedicated to keeping those blog posts coming. So enjoy your newfound creative freedom with BeFunky Plus! We can’t wait to see what you create!


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