As soon as December hits and the songs on the radio stray from everyday jams to songs about snow and holiday bliss, I can’t help but long for Winter weather. In Portland, we rarely get a true blanket of snow, but when we do, the entire city shuts down to enjoy the window of inclement weather. Instagram feeds become a series of Winter wonderland photography because those Narnia-esque shots are like pure magic for the eyes. Whether you’re live in a place that looks like a snow globe all the time or you’re just wanting to enhance the gloomy Winter photography you’re working with, we here at BeFunky have a little something for everyone to create the perfect photo in our Photo Editor.

Allow me to introduce you to our Winter effects, which you can use to the absolute full if you have a BeFunky Plus account. Rest assured, some of these effects are totally free, but to get access to all of them and so much more, may I suggest BeFunky Plus for all of your photo editing AND design AND collage making needs? At only $3.33 per month if you sign up for an annual account, it’s well worth it. You need this.

Capturing Winter Weather

Have you ever rushed outside to capture the first (and maybe only) snowfall of the year in action, but your photo ended up looking like this?

BeFunky Photo Editor Winter Effects Before

And in reality, you thought it would look a little more like this:

BeFunky Winter Photo Effects

Maybe you’re like me and you’ve just frozen your tushie off to get the perfect shot, only to find that your camera didn’t perfectly capture the rich snowflakes falling or the blanket of snow that’s starting to form. Rest assured, you can use BeFunky’s Winter effects to enhance those snowflakes and stay warm and cozy while you apply them. Let me show you how it’s done.

Let It Snow

Taking a less than perfect shot and adding some snowfall is amazingly easy. First, upload a photo into BeFunky Photo Editor and click on the Effects tab. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the vast Effects library and click on the category Winter. I’m going to use my less-than-perfect shot for example.

Upload photo into BeFunky Photo Editor

Under the Winter effects category, you’ll find three beautiful effects that will add a little frost to your photos. If you’re going for the look of heavy snowfall (just like I expected to be captured in my original photo), click on Winter 2. Look at that snow coming down! 

Add snowflakes to photos with BeFunky

In just one click of this effect, I’ve got the snowy look I was going for. Notice that you can adjust the amount of the effect using the sliding scale. When you’ve reached the desired look, click the green checkmark to apply it. Just look at this before and after!

BeFunky winter effects snow

Baby, It’s Cold Outside   

If you want to tone down the colors in your photography and add a little winter chill, we’ve got effects for that too. Another effect that lives in the Winter effects category is Winter 1. This one’s designed to give your photos a little frostbite in the best way. First thing’s first, upload your photo into the Photo Editor and navigate to the Winter effects. I’ll start with a more colorful photo so you can get the full effect.

How to upload a photo into BeFunky

Click on Winter 1 and adjust the sliding scale until you get just the right amount of chill. Then click the green checkmark to apply the effect.

Editing photos with BeFunky

It’s really as simple as that.

Winter photo editing with BeFunky


The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Maybe you live in the Midwest, where it snows in feet instead of inches, and you consistently get the quintessential Winter wonderland shot. Even then, there is plenty of editing magic for you in the grand library of BeFunky Photo Effects. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Cooler Effects

In the Effects panel, you’ll find a couple options in a category called Cooler. These add a little blue-tone to your photos that make everything look a little more frigid. These effects are perfect for your snow-laden photos that show a lot of white and grey tones.

BeFunky photo effects

Choosing a Cooler effect adds in blues that intensify the Winter weather and gives your photo a bit more emotional pull.

Winter photography effects by BeFunky

Quick Tip
Remember, too much of a good thing can be, well, bad. Make good use of that sliding scale to apply just the right amount of effect!

Black And White

Sometimes, the opposite effect is quite lovely. Instead of adding in color with Cooler effects, choosing a classic Black and White effect can add a little drama to your photo. You’ll find these in the Effect panel as well.

winter photo effects by befunky

There are eight Black and White effects to choose from, each use a different calibration of exposure and highlighting so you can really get the look you want. I went with Black and White 4, which brightens the white areas of the photo and has an overall high contrast.

black and white photo effects by befunky

Experimenting With Effects

With BeFunky, there’s no limit to how many effects you can add to your photo. You can combine as many effects as you’d like until you get the look you’re after! If you want to add effects to only a portion of your photo, you can click the settings button of the selected effect (next to the red X and the green checkmark) to paint your selection onto parts of your photo instead of applying it to the whole thing. You can use the Undo and Redo buttons at the top of the Photo Editor to compare and contrast effects. The sky is really the limit, so don’t be afraid to experiment and get a little creative.   

Happy Photo Editing!

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