First impressions are important. When someone heads to your YouTube channel, the first thing they’re going to see is your banner – and that alone could make or break whether they subscribe! If your goal is to grow your audience and head towards YouTube stardom, we’ve got some seriously amazing YouTube channel art templates for you in our Graphic Designer. And the best part is we’ve made them so simple for you to customize your way to a cohesive look for your YouTube channel!

What Makes A Great YouTube Banner

Your YouTube channel art doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact the most successful designs are simple yet consistent. If you already have fonts and colors that you use on your blog or website, stick to the same idea for your channel art. If you don’t have a brand identity yet, spend some time thinking about how you want to brand your YouTube channel and stick with something that appeals to your audience.

It’s also important to consider how your channel is going to be seen. People can view YouTube on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, phones, and TV’s, which changes the way they see your banner. Although the recommended dimensions for your channel art is 2560 x 1440 px, certain viewing options (like desktop computers) will crop the top and bottom of the banner, making it crucial that the most important information – like your logo or channel name – is right in the middle. Here’s a handy size guide to help you think about how different viewing channels affect your design:

YouTube Banner Size Guide

Since YouTube doesn’t give you the ability to custom crop for each viewing channel, the above guide will be crucial to influencing your design decisions. Here are some well-designed examples that follow the rules of the template:

diy youtube banner templates

how to make a youtube banner

Choose Your YouTube Channel Art Template

Whether you’ve decided to make your YouTube branding look crazy bold or simple yet professional, we’ve got a template you can use as your guide. Head over to our Graphic Designer and select the category Social Media Headers, then choose YouTube.

Each of our YouTube channel art templates have been designed by professionals and pre-sized to perfection. Since all the hard work has already been done, you can make all the custom changes you want with a few clicks and drag-and-drops. Here’s the template we’ll be customizing:


When you’ve got your template chosen, notice that you can click on any element within the template and move it, delete it, resize it or change it in a variety of other ways. We’ll get to that in the following sections.

Choose Your Background

For the background of your banner, you’ll want something that best represents your video genre or brand. There are two ways you can change out the background; adding images or creating a solid background color. Since this template already has an image as the background, changing it out is as simple as dragging-and-dropping a photo from the Image Manager tab into the template.


In the Image Manager tab, you can upload your own  photos from a few different places: your Computer, Facebook, or BeFunky account. If you don’t have your own image but have an idea in mind for what type of image you want, you can search Pixabay’s growing library of over a million free stock photos, right from within the Image Manager tab. Just click on the “…” icon and select Pixabay. 

Once you’ve got the image you want, simply drag it over the template until the existing image appears to have a white overlay, then drop it. The photo will replace the previous image entirely. Now if you click on the image, an Image Properties box will appear where you can crop the photo, change the orientation, and even access BeFunky’s Photo Editor tools to add filters, effects, and more.

youtube channel art creator

Quick Tip
If you’re wanting a solid-colored background instead of an image, just delete the image from the template and head to the Background tab. You can choose from the pre-set colors or mix up your own using the Color Picker.

Add Your Logo, Text, And Graphics

Now that you have your background ready to go, it’s time to customize the text. You can click on any textbox in the template and start typing to replace the existing text, or you can add a new line of text by clicking on the Text tab. Whenever you click on a textbox, a Text Properties box will appear where you can change the font, font size, color, and more!

youtube channel art maker

Quick Tip
If you have a font stored on your Computer that you want to use, just click on ‘Yours’ while searching fonts in the Text Properties box. You’ll be able to see and use all of your downloaded fonts.

If you’ve got a branded logo that you want to use, you can upload it from your Computer using the Image Manager tab, then drag it right onto the template. If you want to enhance your channel art with graphics, our Design Elements tab has graphics galore – everything from geometric shapes to travel, food, hand-illustrated icons and everything in between.

youtube channel art designer

Final Results

And just like that, you’ve got your YouTube channel art ready to go. Now all that’s left to do is upload it and start making some awesome videos for your channel!

youtube channel art tutorial

design yotube banner free

Ready to start designing your own YouTube channel art? Follow the link below and start heading towards YouTube stardom.

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